2020 Ford C Max Energi SEL Specs, Engine, & Review

2020 Ford C Max Energi SEL Specs, Engine, & Review – I’d driven the 2020 Ford C-Max Energi prior to but got by no means “lived” with one, so I was wondering to invest time discovering Ford’s carry out the plug-in hybrid style of music. As opposed to its traditional sibling, the C-Max Hybrid, the Energi can run in full-electric mode for about 20 miles and at speeds up to 85 mph. Following that, or under heavy plenty, the gas Atkinson-cycle engine kicks in, with range leaping to as a lot as 550 miles.

2016 Ford C Max Energi SEL Redesign 2020 Ford C Max Energi SEL Specs, Engine, & Review

2016 Ford C-Max Energi SEL Redesign


First effect: it is a stylish car, with Ford’s acquainted “Aston Martin” front grille, taut proportions, non-obligatory Ruby Red colored clearcoat paint ($395), and standard 17-inch aluminum wheels. My own also appeared with the non-obligatory panoramic window roof, which contributes a pleasant airiness to the cabin and can set you back $1,315. The cockpit by itself is nice and clean and good looking, and simply because the Energi appears more than five feet large, you stay fairly high up. It is available only in elegant SEL trim, so even in base develop it is perfectly equipped: leather-cut seats (warmed in front), dual-zone automatic climate control, and Ford’s Sync 3 voice-activated infotainment system. My tester upped the luxe much more with a $3,000 options group that extra premium audio and navigation, a power liftgate, a rear-view camera, keyless entry, and a parking-technology package with active playground assist.

Heading out to mix it up with LA traffic, I right away smiled at the smooth, noiseless propulsion underfoot. Like the BMW i3 I drove lately, the Energi whisks you far from stoplights nearly quickly, although not especially rapidly. It even zoomed me up an entryways ramp and into the maw of the hurtling 405 freeway without having the gas engine arriving at lifestyle. Preserving pace with 70-75 mph traffic was no problems, no have a problem. Nevertheless, the gas engine did not initialize.

2016 Ford C Max Energi SEL Review 2020 Ford C Max Energi SEL Specs, Engine, & Review

2016 Ford C-Max Energi SEL Review

The Energi can feel far more solid and road-tuned than, say, a Prius. It is practically sporty in its movements; the steering has a pleasurable heft and the chassis is amazingly vibrant. Some purchasers in this sector may possibly discover the ride extremely business, but to me, the suspension installation is a pleasant break from the anemic reactions so frequent in economy-improved vehicles. The regen brakes take a little getting used to until finally you are equipped to implement prevents without the bobbing of the nostrils, but in time their own feel gets familiarized. The dash consists of a “green leaves” display that mentors you in how finest to make throttle and brake inputs for maximum range. At the end of my first day time with the Energi, I possessed just under half a “tank” of battery power still left-even though, of course, I am in LA, and what frequently feel like long pushes are actually just a couple of traffic-stopped up miles.


The next working day, I maintained to drive for about one hour or more when finally the gas engine kicked into daily life. It is unexpected introduction changes the character of the Energi drastically: the sublime level of smoothness and quietness is changed by a four-cylinder rasp that, with the electric motor now fundamentally off-line and the gas engine undertaking all the work, under heavy tons can be very noticeable. I needed my wonder-carpeting Energi back, when I received home I plugged in the charger to a standard wall structure electric outlet (curiously, the charging products is located under the remaining-rear passenger’s floorboard). With only 120 volts, it will take a full night to boost the Energi fully, but C-Max managers can install a 240-volt charger that does the work in about 2.5 hrs. If you have a charger available to top up although, at work, you could conceivably drive up to 20 miles each way on electric power on your own.

The Energi delivers some great optionally available gizmos. Park your car assist functions just like the system I attempted fairly recently on a Ford Explorer Platinum: sensors scan for a parking space and after a perfect one is determined, all the driver requires to do is function the transmission, gas, and brakes. The Energi steers by itself into the location and it turned out really proficient at accomplishing this. Energy users will likely take pleasure in the available power liftgate. No require to fumble for the key fob: showing up at the vehicle with grocery luggage in the palm, you merely swipe your foot under the rear fender and the door goes up immediately. It shuts with a foot-swipe, as well. Extremely helpful in fact. In all, the Energi believes developed up and solid. It is the finest-dealing with – and perhaps the very best-looking car in its class (Ford also promises it qualified prospects on passenger room, way too). But it is not a runaway champion. Base price is about comparable to the Volt (about $33K), but getting nice with options improves the sticker label fast (my test car examined in at $37,510). Except if you are self-confident you might get close to virtually exclusively using the Energi’s EV-only functionality, you would want to give severe focus to the typical C-Max Hybrid, which begins at $25,045. The other shortcoming: with the rear seats up, cargo room is sad to say inadequate. There is a big battery pack back there (see photo), so the stress floor goes up about midway up the size of the rear seats. Retract the rear seats down, however, and room enlarges significantly, to 42.8 cubic feet-even though that continues to about 20 cubic feet timid of, say, a Prius V.

2016 Ford C Max Energi SEL Specs 2020 Ford C Max Energi SEL Specs, Engine, & Review

2016 Ford C-Max Energi SEL Specs

The 2020 Ford C-Max Energi is the driver’s plug-in hybrid – a sensitive and desirable hatchback with excellent seats, nice rear passenger room, and when you get used to moving the active MyFord touch user interface, a plethora of helpful benefits. Should your daily driving sums to 20 miles or less (and a large number of drivers fit that monthly bill), you could take pleasure in its spirited dynamics and EV refinement drive time in and time out without having possibly browsing a gas station. That is mainly how I drove it, and I’d level my 7 days quite wonderful.