2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Trim Review, Specs, & Changes

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Trim Review, Specs, & Changes – The last edition of the Expedition SUV presented the brand-new aluminum body. Improvements are what maintain Ford’s vehicle at the top of every single section. Of course, reliability and durability are the next best things. The most significant information for 2020 Ford Expedition could be a diesel engine. With it, the crossover can boost towing capacity. At the identical time, the diesel unit on Ford Expedition contributes more miles per gallon.

2020 Ford Expedition 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Trim Review, Specs, & Changes

2020 Ford Expedition

With a more powerful engine, the 2020 Ford Expedition is far more capable for an off-road drive. Also, numerous tuning organizations are offering lift kit for the crossover, then again consumers are burning off guarantee. The Platinum trim level was the most interesting as it delivered luxurious features and premium components. Nevertheless, the 2020 Expedition could introduce King Ranch trim, which we are seeing for trucks.


The 2020 Ford Expedition will use a confirmed 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine. Its output depends on trim level. Base models can obtain 375 hp when boosters acquire more 25 hp for Platinum model. AV-6 unit also data 470 or 480 pound-feet of torque. Power experiences a 10-speed automatic transmission. Purchasers can decide for the 4×4 drive system, while 4×2 is set by going into default.

Towing Capacity and Gas Mileage

If we get a size and curb weight of the full-size crossover, we can look at its fuel economy as ample. The 2020 Ford Expedition can come back 24 miles per gallon on the highway. Effectively, some trims with increased output will drop it to 21 mpg, with 16 miles per gallon in urban driving. The new Ford Expedition can pull up to 9,500 pounds, appropriately equipped.


One of the major developments for 2020 Ford Expedition could possibly be a diesel drivetrain. Nevertheless, this unit is not official nevertheless. But, given that there are gossip, we have to bring it significantly and take a look at its foundations. The announcement of King Ranch trim implies the SUV is pursuing steps of Ford’s pickup trucks. At first place, that is F-150. Just recently, this model received the diesel engine. So, Expedition crossover could possibly be the next one to see this kind of drivetrain under its hood.

2020 Ford Expedition Interior 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Trim Review, Specs, & Changes

2020 Ford Expedition Interior

If the 2020 Ford Expedition borrows the unit from the truck, it will likely be a Powerstroke drivetrain capable to create 250 horses. An off-road capability will require advantage of the 420-430 lb-ft of torque produced by a 3.0-liter diesel unit. Also, the towing capacity is about to bounce by using this drivetrain. Presently, the Expedition is offering 9,500 pounds of hauling power. With a diesel unit, the crossover will be one of the most potent in the segment. With some updates, it can come out with 15,000 pounds of towing capacity. In the base set up, the final result is bound over 10k lbs.


When the diesel mill is feasible for the next crossover, the hybrid version is more unlikely. However, testimonies regarding it cannot keep us chilly. Ford is organizing to electrify most of its vehicles, including many crossovers and even trucks. So, there will not be a shock to see Expedition with battery helping the standard engine. Sadly, the company strategies to do it by 2023, and the next time of year is as well shut to developing these kinds of drivetrain for the SUV.

2020 Ford Expedition Review 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Trim Review, Specs, & Changes

2020 Ford Expedition Review

Another big news for 2020 Ford Expedition is the King Ranch model. To date, the SUV is supplied in two versions – regular and MAX. Both are coming in XLT trim as the base model and Limited edition as mid-range SUV. At the top of the class, we discover Ford Expedition Platinum, with 22-inch wheels, panoramic roof, and higher outputs. King Ranch is going to be just under the Platinum trim with a range of features and equipment. However, the new version will lure the focus of enthusiasts and buyers, so that we cannot wait around to see what will it provide. Once again, we can consider an appearance at this trim level on the Ford F-150 truck and see what it could deliver. Between numerous features, we shall point out two-tone paint job, unique bumpers’ colors, premium audio system, leather-cut seats, and many others. Sync3 infotainment with navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are proceeding to be standard features for 2020 King Ranch Expedition.

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Trim Release Date & Price

The price might make the distinction when consumers are selecting 2020 Ford Expedition or similar models. The full-size crossover by the Blue Oval company is almost everything but inexpensive. Starting cost is presently over $50,000, and that is for base XLT trim. Limited variants surpass $60k, and platinum $75,000 for MAX lineup.