2020 Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Review, Specs, Performance, & Price

2020 Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Review, Specs, Performance, & Price – While ST versions of the Focus and Fiesta have created Ford’s performance badge a domestic recognize and inspired legions of supporters in the petrolhead community group, this is NOT an ST version of the Kuga. As another, the ST Line badge denotes aesthetic updates only, although the 2.0T AWD’s suspension has acquired a light ST treatment. The ST-Line spec is built to enchantment to men and women looking for a detail that seems like a high-performance vehicle.

Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line 2020 Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Review, Specs, Performance, & Price

Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line

It’s a rather daring go to apply it to an alternatively large SUV – some may even regard it as counter-intuitive – but it’s a tactic the German tends to make are truly using productively for numerous years. Audi provides the S-Line trim, Mercedes-Benz the AMG Line, and a number of BMW derivatives bear M badges.


Its white exterior comprehensive may nicely deficiency a bit of creativeness, but the 2.0T AWD ST Line would seem to be purposeful. With a well-proportioned design and a poised stance, Ford’s (relative) newcomer conveys its intentions completely. The aesthetic updates strike an excellent balance among refined and “look at me”. The listing of ST-Line equipment is sizeable. Most placing is the all-black grille with the revised front bumper and the all-black 19-inch alloy wheels. “Eighteen” is standard, but the optional 19s fill the wheel arches pretty effectively and, as we’ll go over later on, appear to make no big variation to the ride quality. The suspension is reduced and tweaked for much better handling, and the car rides 10-mm reduce than a standard car.

Other exterior accouterments include black roof rails, a black rear diffuser (among the revised exhaust finishes), darkened headlights and taillights and ST-Line scuff plates in the front doors. To summarise, then, it is not a shouty car; it just appears well-sorted. As for as the interior, ST-Line detailing adorns the steering wheel, equipment boot and the seats in the kind of tasteful difference red stitching. The driver and front passenger are handled to fantastically comfortable sport seats, which are trimmed in leather and Alcantara. We lined long distances in the Kuga and the front seats equipped excellent assistance all via journeys thanks to their bucket-like design. They are not tricky to climb into, or out of, at all.

One of the highlights of the new facelift is that Ford has (fortunately) ditched the myriad of buttons that used to plague the Kuga’s fascia. What is in fact much far more, the astounding Sync3 infotainment system sits delight of place in the center stack, and now features pinch and zoom procedure. Some testers did, however, appear across the screen a little significantly also significantly absent to be reached effortlessly. They positioned the in-depth steering wheel controls, merged with the digital display in the instrument binnacle, to be significantly further easy for operating most of the system’s procedure.


Size-wise, the Kuga sits close to in the heart of the family car market, which, equipped the relative age of Ford’s platform (7 years), is very to be expected. However, it is carry on to large more than plenty of to supply generous cabin space for travelers (it may quickly seat 4 more mature persons, however, 3 minor ones will thankfully fit side-by-side on the rear bench), plus sizeable load space for baggage, bicycles, and groceries, without feeling cumbersome to maneuver. An electric tailgate is now standard on all Kuga derivatives and consists of a leg-swing opening function, a feature which will allow for a hands-free process of the tailgate (no matter of whether or not the car is locked), as long as the key is in your pocket. The function is activated by swinging your foot under the rear of the car to open the tailgate. Some testers recognized this to be super useful, nonetheless, it would be a noticeably temperamental feature and didn’t show up to be to work 100% of the time. Potentially with several notices, one could create the wonderful leg-swinging system to “communicate with the car”. In the meantime, a 240-Volt plug port is introduced for rear travelers, which our film crew thought of was quite a great deal the smartest detail at any time invented. A USB port or two in the rear may maybe have by now been handy also, however.


No matter that our test unit rode on 19-inch wheels, shod with low-profile performance tyres, the quality of the Kuga’s ride was exceptional. Total sound insulation absolutely permits, and hardly any road appears may make it by way of to the cabin. The suspension quite simply soaks up imperfections in the road and rough surfaces and, on the modern tarmac, the Kuga offers a premium, luxury skills that befits its price point. The general composure of the car is impressive. Though the suspension is tweaked to be firmer for much better-taking care of, the engineers have attained an admirable balance relating to comfort and sharper running. On the renowned Clarence Drive, the coastal road about Gordon’s Bay and Pringle Bay (exterior the residence Somerset West) the Kuga proved very entertaining to drive, while the all-wheel drive and sticky tires sent near-unflappable traction.

Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Specs 2020 Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Review, Specs, Performance, & Price

Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Specs

Performance and Fuel Economy

Two engines are available for the ST-Line derivatives. We analyzed the 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbo petrol, although a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbodiesel is also available. With power and torque figures of 177 kW and 340 Nm, the Kuga feels pretty effectively decided and eager. It is not a notably fast car, but in-gear acceleration is durable and there is more than sufficient oomph to assurance the sensible knowledge is in no way unexciting. The peak torque identify is available fantastic and low down in the rev range (from 2 000 rpm to 4 500 rpm), generating it a specifically easy to get the best out of the motor. However, the average fuel intake is probably the Achilles heel of the package. Ford claims an average figure out of 8.6 L/100km, but we noticed a worst indicated decide of about 12 L/100km. Quickly just after a 200 km drive on open roads, the readout dropped to 8.7 L/100 km, but neither of individuals figures is particularly outstanding, as the car was under no situation driven with more than 2 developed ups and light baggage, or 4 developed ups devoid of baggage.

Potentially the diesel may potentially be the enhanced assortment to reduce functioning prices. With 132 kW and 400 Nm, it can not be wearisome to drive, and that excessive torque will affirm practical when towing or fully loaded. And importantly, on paper at the extremely minimum, fuel use is claimed to be 40% greater than the petrol motor. Nevertheless, Hyundai mulls over the prospect of offering the facelifted Tucson in Sport guise all over once more (as it did with the pre-facelift model), the only direct rival to the Kuga ST-Line is the Volkswagen Tiguan Highline AWD R Line. With base prices starting at exactly R50 000 more than the Kuga, it is the dearer probability, but that may in all probability be offset by greater resale values. The Tiguan also operates a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbo petrol motor, with incredibly comparable outputs. But for whichever clarification, it rather considerably leaps off the line compared to the Kuga, with a 0-100 kph time of 6.5 sec versus 7.8 sec for the Ford.  In disorders of practicality, the Tiguan provides about 10% much far more baggage space, but close to the similar cabin space with the rear bench folded flat, so space for occupants requires to be about the similar. In disorders of useful points to take into consideration this type of as warranties and service provider patterns, the Ford carries a longer promise, at 4 years/120 000 km versus 3 years/120 000 km for the VW. Support types are equal at 6 years/90 000 km versus 5 years/120 000 km.

2020 Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Release Date & Price

Has the well-publicized Kuga saga remained a scar so deep in the South African motoring conscience that it will opt for a generation for purchasers to ignore that some (now discontinued) extra experienced Kuga derivatives caught hearth? Sales of the Kuga are now close to a tenth of the figures compared with ideal prior to the fire controversy, and the fact is that regardless of whether or not the Kuga was the excellent family car on the market, its sales portions may potentially even not nudge upwards.

In our estimation, the up-to-date Kuga is one of the handiest value-for-money merchandise in its stage. It seems that Ford pulled out all the stops to build a quality, well-updated remedy, which was the smartest factor it’d have finished for the nameplate. Heaps of suspected that Ford SA would ditch the Kuga nameplate and start anew with yet one more resolution. In the US, the car is badged as the Escape, but in this case, which is not really fantastic to detect quite possibly… The creator features a section about motoring on examine radio and the Kuga saga was all the station most popular to glimpse at for months. It unquestionably was front-page facts… and however grabs headlines. But the risk to rebuild the Kuga brand is there, and the car by yourself is a solid foundation on which to make. The Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line retails for R548 500, which includes a 4-year/120 000 km ensure and a 6-year/90 000 km service provider program.

Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Review 2020 Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Review, Specs, Performance, & Price

Ford Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line Review

The Kuga 2.0T AWD ST Line stunned in pretty much each and every part you’d treatment about in a family car. It reveals its age in some sides, these as they go on to fairly fiddly ergonomics and, to a diploma, cabin plastics, but there is devoid of question that, as a package, it appears to be and feels purposeful and its on-road refinement is enhanced than we expected it may be. The performance was ample, irrespective of whether or not fuel use was middling. In spite of the fact that we issue irrespective of no matter whether the top-end of the family car market, in which this personal spinoff competes, is that chosen with future consumers, this car signifies the facelifted Kuga dressed in its absolute best… um, finery. One of our testers’ associates claimed she noticed the ST Line test unit considerably impressive, declaring that she’d the good thing is to have one and drive it every single working day. Other prospective buyers, however, will hear to determine Kuga and reduce fascination at once. Proper right up until the Kuga’s identify is restored (if it could at any time return to the place it at the time was), the model will continue on to divide viewpoints… in spite of this product’s greatest initiatives.

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