2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review, Changes, Specs, & Performance

2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review, Changes, Specs, & Performance – Cargo vans are the antithesis of attractive. They are boxy, utilitarian, and noisy, but they are also the anchor of American small business. They’re essential to caterers and local plumbers and mechanics and electricians. Feel of exactly where you are residing – it probably wouldn’t be found if it weren’t for the overall flexibility of cargo vans.

2018 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van 2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review, Changes, Specs, & Performance

2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van

2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review

And in the case of exactly where I am living, a cargo van was crucial. Not only to the building but to me transferring in. When I bought my new home in October, the query of which vehicle I’d click into assistance to get the countless bins from older residents to new has never been in question: I wanted a Ford Transit. The Transit is to cargo vans what the Porsche 911 is to sports cars, or the Range Rover is to SUVs. It is the Kleenex to muscle paper and Coca-Cola to pop. It is all-pervasive. And that is due to the fact as cargo vans go, it’s the finest about.


But being the greatest is not cheap. The 2018 Transit is available in possibly Cargo Van or Passenger Wagon, but for transferring residence, the Cargo Van is the evident decision. Prices start at $32,380, however, if you really would like to move information, you won’t want that model – it provides the least amount of three wheelbases and three roof levels. If you want the brute you see here – the high-roof, extended wheelbase – prices start at $38,950. My tester also features the optionally available twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine. I’ll explain why this is an absurd choice in a bit, but for now, its $1,865 premium must be sufficient. That was the big-solution option, although a spattering of other cargo- and work-warm and friendly options – such as a back-up siren that started out as hilarious but shortly got me concerned about my new neighbors’ first effect of me – included a further $6,770 to my Transit’s price tag.

Competitors to the Transit include the $33,790 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the $28,850 Nissan NV, the $29,295 Ram ProMaster, and, if you nonetheless are living in 1991, the $31,600 Chevrolet Express (sure, GM nonetheless markets this damn issue and its GMC Savana sibling. I checked out).


The only developers in the auto business with significantly less liberty than Porsche 911 creative designers are the individuals that drawing out cargo van. That is much less due to the fact of tradition and far more because of requirement – a squared-off, the boxy design permits the most cargo space, and cargo space is king. The Transit’s only individuality sits forward of its B-pillar, just like its competition. There, we see a Ford corporate and business face having an Edge-like grille and prominent headlights. The erect face and expansive windscreen are not particularly desirable, but they give excellent awareness from the driver’s seat, while the small front overhang makes it easy to place the Transit on the road. Nevertheless, the long rear overhang helps make the Transit a menace to turn back. Thin, vertical taillights seem good and merge into the Transit’s tail when rear barn doors grant easy entry to the cargo keep.

2018 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Specs 2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review, Changes, Specs, & Performance

2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Specs

The Transit’s cabin is focused on longevity first and primary. There is lots of hard plastic-type material and common switchgear that believes as it came from the Focus. It is properly fine and flawlessly inoffensive. The Transit’s cabin feels like it would gladly withstand years of abuse.


The Transit Cargo Van only incorporates two seats and comfortable, up-right seating placement. Ingress and egress are simple, which absolutely positive aspects personnel who require to invest long times going up the in and out of the cabin. Tradespeople can do a great deal a whole lot worse than a Transit. At the same time, there is a freakish volume of space in the back of this high-roof, extended wheelbase model. I am pretty sure the 487.3 cubic feet of space is roomier than my first college dorm. Plus, at six feet, one inch high, I can actually stay up in the back with a lot of room earlier mentioned my head.

Each barn doors open properly previous 180 qualifications when the big sliding side door and auto-stretching out sidestep make reloading and unloading the Transit as trouble-free as probable. I relocated dozens of boxes while in my week with the Transit, and, while that sucked, getting them in and out of the van was as simple as relocating can be (short of paying out a person). Non-obligatory additional items increase existence, as well. Just about any one of my friends that really helped me relocate, in add-on to the skilled moving companies that taken care of the big home furniture, remarked on the performance of the LED cargo lamps. Even as the days and nights decreased, I was capable to carry on transferring information in and out of the Transit thanks to its adequate interior lighting.

Technology & Connectivity

Yeah, the Transit didn’t actually have a photo here. With 80 % of the cabin removed out and lined in tough vinyl, there isn’t a good deal of room for tech. In spite of this, there is a six-speaker audio system that is eligible as “Not Dreadful,” but it is controlled via an optionally available, navigation-allowed version of Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system. In this sort of a large cabin, the 6.5-inch touchscreen believes extremely very small and outdated. Another tech can feel decidedly old-fashioned. There are cruise control and a tiny instrument bunch display but forget about warmed seats or automatic climate control, though. And indeed, you’ll need to set a physical key in the steering column.

Performance & Managing

Holy moly, the Transit is hilarious with its optional EcoBoost engine. This is the same twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 located in the F-150 and Explorer. But in the Transit, there is 310 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, which is significantly pointless in a cargo van. The Transit is sincerely quick in a straight line, with the engine revving with much the exact same urgency as it can in other Ford goods. It is an amazingly likable point. The six-speed automatic transmission feels a very little outdated, however it manages the V6’s power unobtrusively. Still, the partnering of the hi-po engine using this gearbox grants the Transit a 7,500-pound towing capacity and, in Transit 250 guise, a 9,000-pound gross vehicle weight status, no matter of wheelbase or roof size.

Managing is significantly less enjoyable, making perception in a vehicle that’s just 81.3 inches wide and 109.4 inches large. To say the Transit is top heavy is an understatement – have a appear in the art gallery to see exactly how taller the Transit is compared to a typical small CUV and, um, a home. Yet if you keep the lofty center of gravity in the brain, the Transit is easily adequate to drive. In fact, invest enough time associated with the wheel and it starts off to feel like a very tall Focus. That it is so filtered can make this big van pretty easy to place in tight lanes, too. Braking and steering are nor very good nor awful. The brakes work with confidence and authoritatively, even if comments via the pedal is inadequate. The connection is similarly absent in the steering, though Ford has dialed in the right amount of bodyweight, whether it is at low or high speeds. In simple, the Transit isn’t exciting to drive, but it is easy to cope with in nearly every circumstances.


The Transit does not have virtually any active safety products, in addition to lane-retaining assist. There’s no blind-spot keeping track of or adaptive cruise control or definitely nearly anything past stability control. At the same time, neither of the two NHTSA neither the IIHS has crashed the Transit, so that it loses details in that group as nicely. The Transit also loses things for its halogen headlights, and when forward exposure is amid the greatest on the market, the pure length of the Transit and the fact that Ford costs a premium for rear and side window mean I have to ding it a point for inadequate presence.

2018 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review 2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review, Changes, Specs, & Performance

2020 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review

Fuel Economy

As an industrial vehicle, the EPA does not give fuel economy quotes for the Transit – that immediately earns it a one on our fuel economy range. My actual-world driving discovered statistics in the mid-teenagers, but the continuously varying payload make all those phone numbers under dependable. With individuals two information in thoughts, the Transit instantly earns a single point on the fuel economy size.